Fullfield Measurement of deformation and strain with Q400 DIC system.
The applications are mixed from the fields of aerospace, automotive, biomechanics, civil engineering and industry.

Impact-Test / Bird strike

The mechanical properties of components and structures can be improved by spatial resolved and contact less 3D deformation and strain measurement: The video shows an impact test on a helicopter window measured with a Q400 3D-DIC system and two Photron high speed cameras.The Q499 system is also used for bird strike tests.
The color coded strain fields shows the propagation and reflection of the strain waves after the impact of a wood sphere. At every surface point 3D coordinates, displacement and strain is measured with high temporal resolution. The full field measurement results give useful information for the mechanical optimization and improves quality, life time and safety of products e.g. in aerospace and automotive industry.


Measurement of the strain distribution on a mandible at pressure load.

In the back area (left in the color overlay) of the mandible is tension strain (red) and compression strain (blue). This reflects bending load of this mandible area.

Q400 DIC measures the strain distribution on a human mandible at compression load

Digger Buckle

With Q400 measured strain distribution on a digger buckle at complex loading.

The color overlay shows a gradient with tension and compression in the strain component exx.

DIC measrues the deformation and strain distribution of a digger buckle under mechanical load


Q400 measures the strain distribution on a femur at compression loaded.
8 cameras are used to measure 360° of the bone surface.

DIC measures the deformation of the whole femur surface under compression load

Helicopter Window Frame

Strain distribution of a helicopter window frame during complex loading.

The color overlay shows the area of maximal shear strain.

DIC measures the strain distribution of a CFRP helicopter window frame under machanical load

CFRP Bicycle Frame

Deformation measurement of a bicycle frame made of CFRP (carbon fibre reinforced polymer).

The shown vectors are scaled by factor 20.

Q400 DIC measures the deformation of a carbon fibre bicycle frame under machanical load

GF reinforced wall

Historic walls are reinforced with glass fibre. Q400 measures the strain distribution during compression tests.

The left image shows the centered crack as overlayed horizontal strain distribution.
The vertical displacement shows the vertical slip between the break surfaces.

DIC measures the deformation and crack propagation of a glass fibre reinforced wall under compression loading

Wind Turbine Blade

The bending and strain of a 10m wide area of a wind turbine blade is measured with Q400.

The natural pattern of the unvernished rotor blade ist sufficient for the successful correlation analyis. The image shows the out of plane displacement overlay and the bending line.

DIC measures the deflection of a wind energy mill rotor blade under bending load

Load Test of a Stone Arch Bridge

The deflection of a stone arch bridge at a loading test is measured with Q400.The bridge span is 14m.

The natural stone pattern is used for the correlation. The images shows the deflection as grid with 100x amplification.

More informations in the application report.

Q400 DIC measures the deflection of a stone arch bridge under heavy loading

Road deformation

Granite slabs, that are used as road pavement are moving at heavy load  as single pivoted labs. The shear load at the edges can damage the slabs.
Here the natural pattern of the surface structure is used for the DIC analysis.

The video shows the out-of-plane displacement with fixed scaling.

Disc spring

Full field strain measurement on a disc spring (clutch) at compression load.
The color mapping shows the major strain E1
Diameter of the disc: 200mm

Q400 DIC measures the strain distribution of a car disc spring (clutch) under compression load

Wind tunnel

Measurement of the car body deformation in a wind tunnel up to 120km/h. The out-of-plane displacement is measured depending on the velocity.

DIC measures the deformation of the car body in a wind tunnel

Tie Rod

Longitudinal strain of a composite tie rod at dynamic tension and compression load.
The diagram shows the time course of the locally maximal strain at changing load.

DIC measures the strain distribution on a composite tie rod at tensile and compression load

Rotor blade

The 3D deformation of a rotor blade is measured with Q400. The cameras are precisely synchronised to the rotation (4/sec)

The image shows the color coded out-of-plane deformation and the measurements along a polygon line.

DIC measures the deformation of a rotor blade during rotation

Panel Compression test

The buckling of an aircraft panel during a compression test is measured with the Q400 system. The Q400 system gives fillfield 3D displacement on the panel surface.

The images show the test stand with panel as well as the overlay and 3D visualization of the out-of-plane deformation (=buckling).

DIC measures the buckling and strain distribution of an aerospace panel under compression load

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