StrobeCAM | Vibration Analysis

Visualisation of vibrations in slow motion.


checkmark   Visualisation and Recording

checkmark   Easy usage

checkmark   Optional image analysis for motion analysis


 StrobeCAM - Videostroboscope for vibration analysis


The StrobeCAM visualizes and records vibrations and rotations in slow motion; for example on the shaker, on an engine test stand, at inaccessible locations or at miniature objects. The StrobeCAM is an easy to use and an inexpensive alternate solution to high speed cameras and also allows also a number of possibilities beyond the visual observation by stroboscopic illumination.
The Strobe-CAM controls precisely the exposure moment related to the periodic process. The LED illumination is constant in time. The object movement gets frozen due to the short exposure time which is comparable to the duration of a strobe light pulse. The stroboscopic control is based on the realtime analysis of an input signal to the Strobe-CAM trigger module.



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