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DEFORMATION ANALYSIS application example

Impact-Test / Bird strike on a helicopter window

The mechanical properties of components and structures can be improved by spatial resolved and contact less 3D deformation and strain measurement: The video shows an impact test on a helicopter window measured with a Q400 3D-DIC system and two Photron high speed cameras recording at 20.000images/second.
The color coded strain fields shows the propagation and reflection of the strain waves after the impact of a wood sphere. At every surface point 3D coordinates, displacement and strain is measured with high temporal resolution. The full field measurement results give useful information for the mechanical optimization and improves quality, life time and safety of products e.g. in aerospace and automotive industry.
The Q400 3D-DIC system is also used for bird strike tests.

This application example shows how dynamic mechanical properties, i.e. load capacity and flexibility, can be measured by the use of 3D measurement technology.

Q400 DIC measurement at an Impakt Test (Bird Strike)