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[3D Digitisation]

Applications with the Surphaser.


The RoboScan project by DUWE-3D demonstrates automatic scanning with Surphaser and an autonomously driving driving platform.

Deutsche Jugendherberge München

Have you ever been to the German Youth Hostel in Munich?
The video shows a hike through the historic part that is currently under renovation.
The interior was recorded with an ArtecRay with color information for each scan point.
The precise 3D data allows a structural assessment of the building.
A total of seventeen 360 °-scans were recorded in 2.5 hours.

Comparison to terrestrical laser scanner

The Surphaser laser scanners provide better measurement accuracy and a much smaller measurement noise than any terrestrial laser scanner. Due to the smaller laser beam diameter, the Surphaser delivers a very high detail resolution. These advantages can be seen e.g. in the 3D digitization of a car or industrial plant.

The point clouds of a car side mirror area are shown in the upper image row.
The generated STL data (mesh) are shown in the lower image row:
Left: Terrestrial scanner
Right: surphaser

Comprarison between Faro laser scanner (left) and Surphaser (right)

Terrestrical Scanner - Surphaser Chrysler STL-Data

System demonstration of the Artec Ray

Artec Ray is used to digitise large objects. The combination with the Artec hand scanners gives global precision with locally high resolution.

The video shows an overview of the system and some applications.

360° Scan of car interior

The complete interiour of a car is completely digitized with the Surphaser in 5 minutes.

The image shows the 360° image of a single scan of a raw car body (Cubing).

Car interior scan with Surphaser 75 USR

Steam Engine Housing

The housing of a low pressure steam engine (Siemens AG / Mühlheim) is digitised after the molding (before CNC tooling) from inside and outside to realise a dimensional inspection. A sufficient surface coverage is achieved here with 7 scans within 1,5 hours.

To the application report.

3D digitization of a steam turbine using Surphaser

Deformation Measurement of Stone arch Bridge

The deformation of a stone brodge is measured by comparing the scans of unloaded bridge and loaded state.

To the application report.

Deformation measurement using Surphaser on a stone arch bridge

SurphSLAM- Buildings and Street

Large areas are scanned with the mobile laser scanner SurphSLAM. The scan data is references in realtime during the scanning process.

Crashtest Dummy

The Surphaser 75USR is used for the digitisation of a dummy doll. To acquire the relevant parts can be scanned with only 2 scans for the head and 3 scans for the body.

The images show from left to right:
1. Point cloud from 3 scans
2. Polygonised dummy body
3. Polygonised dummy head

3D scan of a crashtest dummy using Surphaser Polygonized point cloud of a crashtest Dummy Polygonized point cloud of the head of a crash test dummy

Porsche Cayenne

The inside of a Porsche Cayenne is scanned with the Surphaser 75USR. 8 scans are sufficient to get a high surface coverage. Total scanning time: less than 1 hour. The surface was not prepared.

The Images shows different views of the scan data.

3D scan of the inside of a Porsche Cayenne using Surphaser 3D scan of the inside of a Porsche Cayenne using Surphaser 3D scan of the inside of a Porsche Cayenne using Surphaser

Industry 4.0 - Digitisation of a Factory hall

Digitization of a factory hall with a Surphaser. With the 360 ° camera iStar, a high-quality color image is additionally recorded. The color information is automatically mapped to the point cloud. The current Surphaser models already have built-in color cameras. All Surphaser models deliver high-quality monochrome images.

The image shows a view of the 3D point cloud with mapped color.

Industry 4.0 - 3D digitisation of a factory using the Surphaser

Completeness test

In the case of railway wagons, the completeness test of components is carried out with a Surphaser. The approx. 20m long wagon (glossy stainless steel) is digitized within one hour with a few scans and without surface preparation.The automatic comparison (Polyworks) of the scan data with the CAD data detects missing or incorrectly positioned components.

The picture shows a wagon with the automatically marked attachments.

Completeness test of a railway wagon with laser scanner Surphaser 100HSX-SR and Polyworks

Flatness test

For checking flatness tolerances according to DIN 18202, a Surphaser is very well suited due to its high measuring accuracy. The model 400 has a measuring noise of 0.2mm (0.9mm) up to 30m (160m) distance.

The picture shows the color-coded deviation of a subsequently heat-insulated external facade (width = 8m) to a best-fit plane.

Flatness test with 3D scanner Surphaser 400

Architecture and Historical Heritage

Buildings are 3D scanned for document purposes or for modelling.


Factories are digitised with high precision by using the Surphaser. The low noise point clouds are the base for the modelling and the documentation of e.g. the pipe structure or complete factories. The built in camera gives color information to the point cloud.

The video shows a part of a factory that was scanned with 7 scans.

Surphaser Industrieanlage

UK Metro

The bottom of the trains are scanned regularly for inventory and documentation of damages.

Advantages of the Surphaser:

1. Reduction of the scan time from 2 days (with structured light scanner) down to several hours.
2. Reduction of post processing time from 5-6 days to 1 days due to the higher data quality.
3. Due to the large scan range and capability to measure in deep cavities the Surphaser achieved a better surphaser coverage with only a few scans.

The images are property of Simon Stone Mech innovation Limited.

Underside of UK Metro scanned with Surphaser Underside of UK Metro scanned with Surphaser

Helicopter Black Hawk

High resolution scan of nose and tail within 1,5 resp. 1 hour.

Post processing

  • 10 hours for the generation of the 3D surface model form the point cloud.
  • 6 hours for the generation of the CAD model from the scan data.

The images are property of Mabat 3D Technologies Ltd.

By Surphaser digitized helicopter Black Hawk By Surphaser digitized helicopter Black Hawk

Hyundai Elantra

Complete digitisation of the inside (90 billions data points) and outside (70 billions data points) of the electric car.
Modell generation (4 hours) for advertisement purposes.

The images are property of Mimic Studios, Inc.

Surfacer generated 3D scan of a car Hyundai Elantra - Exterieur Surphaser generated 3D scan of a car Hyundai Elantra - Interior Surphaser generated 3D scan of a car Hyundai Elantra - Interior

Tidal Energy Turbine Atlantis

Digitisation of the complete turbine for modelling.

  • 15 Scans in 5 hours
  • Post processing and modelling: 8 days. Modelling of the turbine in Inventor 2013

The images are property of Md3D, Digital Surveys and Atlantis Resources Corporation.


By means of Surphaser digitized tidal energy turbine Atlantis

By means of Surphaser digitized tidal energy turbine Atlantis

Boeing 747

Digitisation of the fuselage of the Boeing 747:

12 Scans, 380 Billion data points
• Scan time: 3 hours
• Post processing:
   · 5 h for the generation of the polygon modell
   · 6 h for the generation of the CAD model from the scan data

The images are property of Mabat 3D Technologies Ltd.

Bottom of a Boeing 747 digitized using Surphaser 3D

Bottom of a Boeing 747 digitized using Surphaser 3D

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