Q400 | Digital Image Correlation

Full field Deformation Measurement


checkmark   Flexible strain sensor for a wide application range

checkmark   Field of View of 1x1mm² to 10x10m²

checkmark   Easy usage and fully automatic calibration within 20 seconds

checkmark   Integrated Analysis modules for automatic post processing

checkmark   Certifiable after ISO9513 (precision classes)

Q400 - measurement system for 3D deformation analysis at material tests and component tests


With the Q400 system, the 2D or 3D deformation analysis is performed in a precise, fast and user-friendly manner. The system is also characterized by the high flexibility of the optical setup and  thus can be optimally adapted to the application. The intuitive measuring software Istra4D provides, in addition to the spatial measured values displacement, deformation, strain, coordinates, etc. also the corresponding measuring accuracy for each measured value.

Measuring principle:
One or more digital cameras record the deformation process. The object surface has a stochastic (natural or prepared) pattern ("speckle pattern"). The images are automatically evaluated using subpixel-accurate digital image correlation algorithms. This assigns the local surface pattern to the camera pixels and measures 3D coordinates, 3D displacements, 3D deformations and surface strains components.



  • Spatial measurement of 3D coordinates, displacements and strain tensors shown as 2D overlay or 3D model
  • Fully automatic calibration with real-time tracking and quality feedback
  • 'Genuine' multi-camera system - Fully integrated system with up to 8 cameras for improved accuracy and surface coverage on complex surfaces and complete detection of a cylinder.
  • 4-camera system for simultaneous measurement on the front and rear sides as well as thickness and thickness change.
  • Modular software package for image acquisition, evaluation and visualization.
  • Powerful integration of CCD and high-speed cameras
  • Synchronized image recording with up to 8 analog input signals
  • Fully automatic calibration with real-time tracking and live quality feedback
  • Custom coordinate systems
  • The measurement accuracy (Confidence Margin) is given for each variable based on an internal error calculation. Full field error estimation for each measuring point.
  • Open-source data format. Direct data access from Matlab, Scilab, etc.
  • Open-Source Datenformat. Direkter Daten-Zugriff aus Matlab, Scilab, etc.
  • Programmable image acquisition - Realization of complex recording processes (trigger, frame rate, time, analog value change, phase position, ...)
Measured strain distribution on a wrench

Result of a Q400 strain measurement at a an einer water pipe wrench. The color scale shows tensile strain (red) and compression strain (blue) corresponding to the mechanical load of the wrench.



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