Q400 | Digital Image Correlation

Full field Deformation Measurement


checkmark   Flexible strain sensor for a wide application range

checkmark   Field of View of 1x1mm² to 10x10m²

checkmark   Easy usage and fully automatic calibration within 20 seconds

checkmark   Integrated Analysis modules for automatic post processing

checkmark   Certifiable after ISO9513 and VDI/VDE2626

 Q400 - measurement system for 3D deformation analysis at material tests and component tests


With the Q400 system, the 2D or 3D deformation analysis is performed in a precise, fast and user-friendly manner. The modular system is also characterized by the high flexibility of the optical setup and  thus can be optimally adapted to the application. The intuitive measurement software Istra4D also provides the associated measurement accuracy for each measured value (displacement, deformation, strain, 3D coordinates, etc.). Thanks to optimized algorithms, Istra4D can resolve local effects, e.g. in crack growth, better than other DIC systems. Using a special cluster approach, up to 16 cameras can be used in a Q400 system, which achieves better surface coverage for complex component geometries and higher measurement accuracy.


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