3D-Digitisation | Efficient and highly precise

at measurement volumes from 0.5x0.5x0.5m.

Large componentes (e.g. molding, vehicles, aircrafts, boats, rotor blades etc.) are measured in short time using our Surphaser laser scanner.
We deliver point clouds, STL or more complex analysis.

checkmark  Large range of 0.5m to 10m - Ideally for complex components

checkmark  High absolute precision and small measurement noise

checkmark  High scan speed

checkmark  One scan captures up to 360° - Ideally for interiours (vehicles, industrial halls, etc.)

checkmark  Automatic referencing of multiple scans via targets

checkmark  Complete (360°) detection of a component with few scans

Innenraumscan eines PKW nach Crashtest
Interior scan of a car after the side crash.
20 minutes measurement time for a total of 4 scans.
0.2mm accuracy.

Application examples

  Boeing747, Crashtest-Dummy, Steam engine housing, Deformation measurement, Cultural heritage, Factory hall, Tidal energy turbine, Helicopter, Hundai Elantra, Industry, Car Interior, Porsche Cayenne, UK-Metro, Stone bridge, Comparison Surphaser - Terrestrical scanner
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