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LIMtrack - Software for 2D Motion Tracking and Motion Analysis


checkmark   Simple Usage

checkmark   Subpixel accurate tracking

checkmark   Integrated Analysis modules and Scripting

2D marker tracking for the movement analysis of a vehicle during a crash test

LIMtrack is a powerful measurement software for the analysis of image sequences from high speed camera, Strobe-CAM and the RTSS - Videoextensometer.

Due to the modern user interface and the intuitive concept movements can be measured sub pixel accurate with a few mouse clicks. An unlimited number of markers can be set, moved and deleted. A calibration gives coordinates and displacements in mm.

Analysis modules and user definable post processing

The integrated analysis modules calculate from the marker coordinates velocities, accelerations, angles, angle changes, rotations, number of revolutions, resonance curves , etc, etc. and generate meaningful visualizations as diagrams and animations. The existing analysis modules are based on powerful Scilab scripting und can be adjusted by the user. The scripting furthermore allows the generation of user definable calculations and visualizations. Complex analysis processes can be done fast, reproducible and without errors. Of course we will be happy to support you with specific implementations.



Marker based measurement
of 2D coordinaten and 2D displacements at unlimited number of points
Tracking accuracy Typical 1/100th Pixel = 0.01 Pixel
Result visualization

As diagrams
AVI report with marker overlay and overlay of trajectories

Calibration Scale calibration
Data export Automatic generation of ASCII (CSV/TXT) files with marker coordinates and displacements
Application-Modules Manifold analysis modules for motion analysis, vibratino analysis and many more.
Customer specific analysis modules via powerful scripting.







Overview of motion analysis and motion measurement in industry

The theory of motion can be traced back to the times of Aristotle and Socrates. In recent years, the field of motion analysis has experienced a surge due to technological advancements. Motion analysis is now used in a variety of industries to improve efficiency and safety. Motion analysis is the study of movement. It can be used to track the movement of objects or people and analyze this data to determine how efficient the movement is. Motion measurement is a subfield of motion analysis that deals with the quantification of the data collected during motion analysis.

The different sensors for motion analysis

There are many different types of motion measurement devices on the market today. These devices can be used to measure everything from displacement and velocity to acceleration and force. The most popular devices for measuring motion include laser speed meters, optical motion trackers, and force sensors.

Laser speed meters use a laser to measure the speed of an object. They are used, for example, in law enforcement to measure the speed of vehicles on the road. Optical motion trackers use an array of cameras to track the movement of objects. They are often used in manufacturing to track the movement of parts on an assembly line. In a similar configuration, with the help of a fixed camera, a video recording and corresponding algorithms, it is also possible to visualize vibrations and movements of actually static machine parts of a system. Force sensors measure the force exerted by an object. They are often used in research to study how different materials respond to different forces.

Used in many sectors, including those outside of industry

Motion analysis is used in a variety of industries to improve efficiency and safety. In manufacturing, it can be used to optimize the production line. In healthcare, it can be used to improve patient safety. In sports, it can help athletes improve their performance. And in the military, it can be used to improve situational awareness on the battlefield. There are many different applications for motion analysis. But regardless of the application, the goal is always the same: improving efficiency and safety through a better understanding of movements.

Applications Motion Analysis


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