Martin Engelke from IMV and Ralf Lichtenberger from LIMESS explain the possibilities of camera-based measurement systems for electrodynamic vibration test systems. The seminar gives an overview and comparision about the existing technologies for visualization, measurement and mode shape analysis. It is shown how optical measuring instruments such as stroboscope cameras, can be integrated for vibration tests. Afterwards there is the possibility to get in touch with both of them and to ask specific questions. Participants also receive additional information.
Register here for the Webinar on February 11, 2021 at 9 am GMT.
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Our software partner Duwe-3d AG is organizing the 1st PolyWorks user year with events on March 16, 2021, May 18, 2021, August 10, October 5, November 23. 2021 and January 25, 2022.
Topic of the first event March 16, 2021:
"Away from the drawing? Simple inspection feature planning with and without a drawing" The construction department creates a 3D CAD model and creates a 2D drawing from it. On the basis of the drawing, you evaluate three-dimensionally in PolyWorks. Sounds complicated, it is. We will show you ways how you can transfer the test characteristics directly to PolyWorks.
There are only a limited number of participants on site. Live streaming from the Duwe-3d Metrology Center in Lindau (B).
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Free webinar about non contact, 3D displacement, deformation and strain measurement in the field of Biomechanics.
The measurement and visualization of mechanical properties, interaction and behavior of biomaterials and objects with complex shapes poses great challenges to engineers in charge.
Whether it is soft tissues or complex bone structures under load, the application of tactile sensors usually is a difficult task getting the sensors attached, keeping them in place and in good contact throughout the whole experiment. Besides these application difficulties, the sensor and its application might influence the materials characteristic itself.
In this webinar we will introduce you to an easy-to-apply, non-contact alternative which will solves these issues and visualizes globally and locally, dynamically and in high precision shape, displacements, strain, and strain concentrations.
Uninfluenced by the measurement method itself we provide thousands of measurement points helping to understand the complex interplay and deliver experimental data to confirm and optimize computer modeling.
Within one hour you will understand the underlying measurement method and get introduced to many different successful applications in the field of biomaterial research and human body part measurements.

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