Q400-TRIO DIC System with 3 cameras

A high-precision 3D-DIC system with 3 cameras. Compared to stereo DIC systems wth 2 camera, the special camera arrangement and evaluation algorithm provides:

  • Improved 3D measurement accuracy
  • Improved surface for non flat specimen

Video: The modular concept allows an upgrade with more cameras.


LIMtrack-6D: New 3D motion tracking system with a single camera

On SafetyExpo in Würzburg we have shown the new innovative 3D motion tracking system.
3D coordinates, motions and angles are accurately measured with special coded marker and a single camera.
More informations on the product page.


Q400 DIC system for educational institutions

To support and promote the DIC (Digital Image Correlation) technology at universities and educational institutions, this turnkey and cost effective 3D DIC package is offered. The modular system can be used flexibly for any application and can be extended.


RTSS Version 20 released

The RTSS system is now even easier to use and provides higher measurement accuracy

  • Online help display for precise camera alignment
  • New procedure for system calibration

Existing systems can be updated inexpensively.
The diagram shows the absolute measurement accuracy of the RTSS-HR system.
The measurement noise and the absolute error result in a classification in the accuracy class 0.2 (ISO 9513) with an image field of 300mm.
Display of a zoom animation of the measurement accuracy.


48MPixel camera for Q400 System

The Q400 system is now available with robust 48MPixel cameras and fulfills the highest demands on spatial resolution. The monochrome full-size CMOS sensor (8000 × 6000 pixels) is very light-sensitive and low-noise and thus provides unsurpassed prerequisites for high sub-pixel measurement accuracy using the DIC method.

The combination of the crack-optimized agorithms and the high-resolution camera also allows the detection of micro-cracks that are not visible to the human eye.

Applications: Any kind of mechanical material and component testing, detection of cracks, localization of crack tips, measurement of crack growth under static and cyclical loads, etc.


Presentation at the Automotive Testing Expo 2019:
Online measuring system for crack length measurement

At the Automotive Testing Expo 2019 in Stuttgart we will show for the first time the LIMcrack system. The camera system is used with a servo electric testing machine from Dynamess (booth 8348).
The LIMcrack system measures in real time the crack length and crack growth during fatigue testing of rubber specimens in accordance with ISO 27727 in real time and transmits the measured values digitally to the testing machine.

LIMcrack detects and measures the crack fully automatically by means of a high-resolution camera and innovative image processing and achieves a high measuring accuracy due to its subpixel algorithms.


Presentation at the Control exhibition 2019:
New Surphaser Modell USR 80

The new model 80 USR is now available:
Measurement range from 0,25mm to 2,5m at 25µm noise !
Laser class 1 (1550nm )
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Presentation at the Control trade fair 2018:
RTSS for fatigue testing

At Control, we are showing for the first time the RTSS system on a Rumul resonance testing machine for fatigue tests up to approx. 250Hz.
The RTSS system measures the specimen strain in real time and transmits the measured values digitally to the testing machine.

Due to its high measuring rate, the RTSS system can also be used at test frequencies up to 1 kHz (eg Rumul Gigaforte).


Artec Ray is the former Surphaser Model 10

The laser scanner Surphaser Model 10 is now available as Artec Ray. The Artec Ray rounds the model range of the high-precision Surphaser laser scanners.

Due to its low purchase price of € 50,000 and the higher accuracy compared to other terrestrial laser scanners, it is ideally suited as a "workhorse" for service providers and users with high demands.


New Website

Our new web pages is more informative and allows for more efficient use.


New Surphaser Modell 400

The new model 400 is now available:
Measurement range up to 300m and sub millimeter noise until 160m !
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New Camera Models

New camera models give better image quality and higher measurement accuracy.
The cameras are used in our modular systems Q400 (DIC), RTSS Videoextensometer and the StrobeCAM.


Trigger Module for Fatigue Testing

Our new trigger module is used for fatigue tests (LCF/HCF) up to 1kHz loading frequency. In combination with our Q400 DIC system e.g. the time course of deformation and crack propagation can be measured


New Surphaser Modell USR 75

The new model 75 USR is now available:
Measurement range up to 2,5m and 25µm noise !
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Self-sufficient camera system for deformation monitoring

First use of our battery-powered image acquisition system at Siemens: The self-sufficient camera system consists of a power-saving processor unit, high-resolution monochrome camera with lens and illumination and records camera images in an adjustable time interval over several months.
The subpixel accurate image evaluation measures displacements and deformations of machines, installations and industrial plants, e.g. when transporting on a bark or ship.