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LIMtrack-6D - System for 3D Motion Tracking and 3D Motion Analysis with a single camera



checkmark   6 degrees of freedom (3 coordinates + 3 angles)

checkmark   Automatic tracking

checkmark   Automatic 3D camera calibration

checkmark   Integrated application modules and scripting



3D motion analysis system with a single camera and coded markers.

The coded marker provide 6 degrees of freedom (6 DOF) consisting of 3D coordinates (x, y, z) and 3D angles (roll, pitch, yaw).

The marker have a unique binary coding with 32 different IDs for a clear identification.

A holographic pattern provides accurate 3D angle measurements.



  • Automotive safety testing
  • Vehicle Impact Safety Testing
  • Biomechanics
  • Robotics
  • Aerospace and Defense
  • Deformation measurement
  • Mechanical testing, structural testing

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LIMtrack-6D is a fully automatic 3D marker tracking and 3D motion analysis software that is easy to use.
LIMtrack-6D calculates displacements, speeds, accelerations or angles from the measured marker coordinates and generates meaningful visualizations as diagrams and videos.

The focus is on your application
Based on integrated scripting, LIMtrack-6D can also perform complex measurement tasks fully automatically, quickly and reproducibly.
Example rear impact test (Wiplash): With a single mouse click the image sequence is automatically evaluated, marker ID assigned, measured values according to the test standard calculate and the results reports generated. Diagrams are created with the time course of the relative speed between the dummy head and the slide as well as the seat inclination angle, maximum values ​​are automatically determined with the corresponding test time.
The analysis modules are based on powerful scripting and enable the definition of individual calculations and visualizations.
The application modules can be created by the user himself or by LIMESS support.

Real-time option (LIMtrack-6D-RT)
With the real-time system LIMtrack-6D-RT, marker tracking is carried out in real time with a measuring rate of up to 10 Hz. There is no recording and subsequent evaluation of the image sequence. The log file contains the measured coordinates and angles and serves as the basis for subsequent application-specific movement analysis.

The LIMtrack-6D software offers
Fast and fully automatic camera calibration
Automatic marker tracking
Automatic post-processing, calculations, visualization
Powerful analysis modules for application-specific measurements
Data export e.g. ASCII, ISO standard
The integrated scripting kernel enables individual calculations and visualizations

Available hardware & software & service
LIMtrack-6D software
Application-specific evaluation modules and module development
Coded markers in sizes from 20x20mm to 220x220mm
Calibration plates for measuring fields from 20x20mm to 5x5m
Cameras, lenses, turnkey image analysis systems
Service measurements




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