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  • 2D/3D deformation measurement (component testing / material testing)
  • 2D/3D motion analysis with LIMtrack / LIMtrack6D / DIC
  • Tensile testing with universal tensile test machine and DIC / Videoextensometer
  • 3D Scanning with the Surphaser
  • Vibration analysis / Modal analysis with the StrobeCAM / DICMEHR


  • Customer specific development of individual solutions
    • Software
    • Hardware and
    • Complete measurement systems
  • Implementation of project and feasibility studies


We modernize your testing machine with our measurement technology:
The RTSS Videoextensometer and the Q400 DIC system give many advantages for your material testing. Our measuring systems work without contact and can measure until the sample breaks. In addition, the systems provide high measurement accuracy, flexible initial gauge length and a variable field of view.
We modernize your testing machine control, drive, testing software, etc. together with our partners.

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