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Surphaser - High precision 3D scanner for complex geometries and large volumes.


checkmark   Unsurpassed precision and resolution

checkmark   For objects from about 0.5 x 0.5 x 0.5 m³

checkmark   Efficient 3D digitization of complex geometries

checkmark   Wireless (Battery and WIFI control)

checkmark   Portable


 Surphaser - 3D Scanner - laserscanner for quality control and reverse engineering


The Surphaser measures the 3D geometry of objects. Due to its unsurpassed precision the Surphaser is perfectly suited for industrial applications like Quality Control and Reverse Engineering.
The Surphaser scans 360° of its surrounding or user defined areas. A few scans are sufficient for e.g. the complete digitisation of a car body. The scans are referred automatically to a common coordinate system.


  • Unsurpassed precision, data quality and scan speed

  • Very low measurement noise - sub millimeter for all models

  • Up to 1,2 Millions data points per second

  • Measurement ranges from 0,2m to 250m

  • Digitisation of nearly all surfaces without preparation

  • Can measure in deep cavities and acquire extreme geometries

  • Surface brightness and color information (option) is measured for every point

  • Robust Dust and water protected housing for the usage in industrial environment or outdoors

  • Lightweight and portable - Fits in cabin luggage (aircraft)

  • Fully automatic referencing of multiple scans (Applicaton example Quality control of a large steam engine housing)

3D digitization of a large cast component (steam engine) with the Surphaser



Advantages of the Surphasers against Triangulation systems (fringe projection, mobile scanner, photogrammetry)

  • Large working range

  • No shadowing due to triangulation

  • No surpface preparation necessary

  • Large objects can be scanned very quickly

  • Measurement of complex geometries and in deep cavities.


Advantage of the Surphasers against other TLS terrestric laser scanner

  • Precision optimised

  • Digitisation of areas

  • High scan speed

  • Very low measurement noise --> No addition work for data cleaning

Model   Image

Work range

in m

Measurement noise
in mm
in mm
Laser class Color camera
  Surphaser Modell 75 USR  / 80 USR 0,25 ... 2,5
0,25 ... 3,0
< 0,15 at 1,5m
< 0,25 at 1,5m
3R (685nm)
1 (1550nm)
100HSX-SR   Surphaser Modell 100HSX 1 ... 7 0,024 at 4m < 0,3 at 3m 3R (685nm) Option
Surphaser Modell 100HSX 1 ... 35
1 ... 50
0,07 at 10m
0,16 at 10m
<0,35 at 5m
<0,7 at 15m
3R (685nm) Option
10 HS*
Surphaser 400 1 ... 50
1 ... 110
0,12 at 15m
0,25 at 15m
<0,7 at 15m
<0,9 at 15m
1 (1550nm) integrated
410 HS*
Surphaser 410 0.4 ... 70
0.4 ... 70
0.4 ... 70
0,06 at 0.4-30m
0,09 at 0.4-30m
0,15 at 0.4-30m
< 0,7 at 15m
< 0,9 at 15m
< 0,9 at 15m
1 (1550nm) integrated

The models 10, 75, 100 and 400 are equipped with integrated battery, processor and SD card slot and can be used independent from computer and power supply. Control via WIFI (tablet, laptop, etc.) or via USB.
*The operating modes HS (Higher Precision), HQ (larger range) and HP can be set by the user via control software.

Areas of applications:

  • Quality control
  • Reverse Engineering
  • Deformation measurement
  • Archeology
  • Historical projects
  • Architecture
  • Forensic science
  • BIM (Building Information Modeling)


  • Boats
  • Busses
  • Monument preservation
  • Movie & Animation
  • Aircraft
  • Buildings inside+outside
  • Tidal turbine
  • Historical artifacts
  • High voltage Polyons
  • Helicopter


  • Industry plants
  • Cars/ trucks
  • Inside ships
  • Trams
  • Tunnels
  • Subseas
  • Wind Turbins
  • Yachts
  • Trains

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Software Funktionality

SurphExpress Standard 

Control of the Scanner
Import and Export of scan data
3D visualisation of the scan data
Marker extraction
Manual referencing of multiple scans
Data processing
Data export in different file formats

 SurphClient Remote control of the Surphaser via WIFI
Visualisation of the preview images


Batch processing of the scan data
Marker extraction
Automatic referencing of multiple scans
Automatisches Mapping von extern aufgezeichneten Farbdaten
Data processing
Data export in different file formats


Logo Polyworks Innovmetric


Surphaser is integrated as measurement device
Scanner control
Automatic Referencing
PolyWorks® is the complete solution for the post processing and analysis of 3 dimensional data. As universal software platform Polyworks supports many optical and tactile digitisation systems in the field of coordinate measurement technique. Beside single point measurements Polyworks digitizes, analyzes, edits and compares whole surfaces. The applications fields are unlimited in design, quality control and landcape surveying.
Available are software modules for Quality control and reverse engineering.

Polyworks is developed since more than 15 years by the Canadian company InnovMetric Software Inc.
Duwe-3d AG is the European partner and exclusive representation of InnovMetric software Inc. in Germany, Austria and Switzerland and our partner in all questions concrning the software PolyWorks: Sales, training and support.

Scantra by Technet Scantra is a program for automatically registering laser scanning point clouds based on identical planes and points. It is designed to handle very large projects with hundreds to thousands of scans, operating with very high accuracy (beyond the error budget of ICP-based solutions).
By using Scantra, the use of spheres, contrast markers, etc. for referencing scans is no longer necessary and the operating time in the field is significantly reduced.
RealWorks Survey, Leica Cyclone, Geomagic, etc. The Surphaser scan data are imported as PTX or in other file formats.




Link to the manufacturer of the Surphasers. Surphaser company logo


PDF symbol blueSurphaser-Effiziente Bauteildigitalisierung. We will be happy to send you the document. Please contact us: To the contact form.


The Surphaser 3D Scanner from Limess

The Surphaser 3D scanner from Limess is a high-precision laser scanner that can be used to capture 3D data from a component size of approx. 1x1x1 m³. The scanner works with 360° laser distance measurement to scan an object. It also works with complex geometries and large volumes - up to 250 m away, depending on the model. The point cloud created can be processed with various programs to create a very detailed 3D model.
3D scan of complex geometries and cavities

The Surphaser 3D scanner is perfect for capturing large objects or for scanning objects that are difficult to reach: even cavities and extremely complex geometries are reliably measured

In addition to depth information, color and brightness information is also recorded for each data point. The scanner is also very fast and references its scans fully automatically in a common coordinate system. Special algorithms also ensure very precise scan referencing.

Portable and robust - the Surphaser fits in your hand luggage!

Not only can the Surphaser achieve unsurpassed measurement accuracy - the scanner is also designed to be portable: its compact and lightweight design means it fits in hand luggage on a scheduled flight. It is also suitable for use in an industrial environment thanks to splash water and dust protection as well as the robust housing. The Surphaser also does not require cables and instead runs on a battery and WiFi control. This maximizes user-friendliness and flexibility on site and opens up many application scenarios: Among other things, large construction sites, ruins or archaeological sites, caves, accident sites and similar operational objects can be easily scanned and measured without a direct power supply.

Are you looking for a high-precision 3D laser scanner with a long range?

If you need to capture high-precision 3D data, then the Surphaser 3D scanner from Limess is the perfect solution. Particularly noteworthy is the very low measurement noise, which makes data cleaning unnecessary, as well as the high portability and robustness of the scanner: The Surphaser does not require a cable and is controlled via WiFi.

Applications 3D Digitisation


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