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DEFORMATION ANALYSIS application example

Torsion test / Stiffness measurement of a Monocoque

When validating the stiffness of a monocoque on a torsion test bench, a Q400 DIC system with 4 cameras is used. Using digital image correlation, the displacements in all spatial directions are measured directly on the surface of the component. Thanks to the simultaneous double-sided measurement with a total of 4 cameras, the 3D movement, 3D deformation and torsion can be separated from each other. The simplicity of the system setup, the speed of measurement and the quality and precision of the results are outstanding features of the Q400 system.
The torsional rigidity of the monocoque is of interest for the driving dynamics of the racing car. The measurement with the Q400 digital image correlation system is important to validate the design goal and the simulation.

The upper image shows the double sided measurement result with the measured 3D coordinate map.
The lower image shows the setup with two camera on each side.

Systemaufbau Berührungslose Torsionsprüfung eines Monocoques mittels DIC - Bildkorrelation