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VIBRATION ANALYSIS application example

Contactless measurement of the resonance curve of a spring

The resonance curve of a spring is measured during a frequency sweep by using StrobeCAM and LIMtrack. In this example, a spring on an electrodynamic shaker is excited with a frequency sweep from 20 to 200Hz. The video is recorded by the StrobeCAM and shows the component movement in slow motion over the entire frequency sweep.
LIMtrack measures the displacement by tracking the attached paper markers on the spring.
The diagram shows the measured horizontal (U) and vertical (V) movement of the markers depending on the excitation frequency.

This application example in the field of vibration analysis demonstrates the non-contact vibration analysis and the measurement of the resonance curve of a delicate component (thin spring steel) with a LIMESS camera system.

Resonanzkurve einer Feder bei einem Frequenzsweep von 20-200Hz