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3D DIGITISATION application example

Dimensional quality control of a large steam turbine housing using a laser scanner

For the dimensional quality control against the CAD model, the entire housing half (inner and outer surfaces) of a low-pressure steam turbine (Siemens AG / Mühlheim) is completely digitalized in 3D.
With the laser scanner Surphaser model 100HSX-SR, sufficient coverage is achieved with just 7 scans in approx. 1.5 hours of measurement time.

3D digitization of a steam turbine using Surphaser

Report about the 3D digitisation of a steam engine housing

For the proof of dimensional stability against the CAD model it is necessary to scan the inside as complete as possible and to scan the outside at relevant areas. A sufficient coverage is achieved with a total of 7 scans: One front scan (Figure 1, pos. 3), two scans from underneath and 4 horizontal scans at the corner positions (pos. 4-7).

Top view of scan positions for digitizing the cast component of a steam turbine

Figure 1: The top view shows the 7 scan positions. The positions 1-3 are from underneath to scan the internal surface.


Digitsation of a large steam engine housing using Surphaser scanner

Figure 2: Housing half with Surphaser underneath (at scan position 1 of 7).

10 contrast targets are distributed in the scan volume for the referenzing of the scans against each other. Figure 3 (animation) shows the outside scan images with the automatically extracted target positions.

The scans are automatically referenced in the post processing software.

Images of the outside scans

Figure 3: Some scan data images with referencing targets.


• Scanner
• Number of scans:
• Scan time:
• Objekt size
• 3D points:
• point density:
• Referen cing accuracy:
• Post processing:

Surphaser HSX100-SR
2 hours
90 millions
0.1mm RMS
15 minutes calculation time for the fully automatic referencing.

Courtesy of Siemens AG / Muehlheim.

 Figure 4: Animation of the merged point cloud. (Visualized are only 10% of the data set)

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