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VIBRATION ANALYSIS application example

Vibration measurement of electronic components on a PCB Board by using a high resolution camera

Vibration testing of a PCB board on an electrodynamic shaker: The slow motion video is recorded with the StrobeCAM and visualizes the motion of the electronic components. The high resoluton video allows to  discovers mechanical problems, that can lead to a fatigue failure.

This application example shows the video generated with a StrobeCAM for documenting unwanted component vibrations.
Right video: The high image quality and resolution also allows partial areas to be shown enlarged.
The StrobeCAM can be delivered with color or monochrome cameras.

Vibration testing plays a crucial role in ensuring the quality, reliability and safety of products in various industries. These include the following reasons:

Product reliability and safety

Products often need to be able to withstand vibrations, whether from normal operation (as in vehicles or machinery) or from external influences (as in transportation or aerospace). Vibration testing allows engineers to ensure the reliability and safety of products by ensuring they can withstand the intended use conditions.
Lifespan rating

Vibration can cause materials to fatigue and ultimately fail. Vibration testing allows engineers to evaluate the lifespan of products and make predictions about their lifespan by analyzing material behavior under repeated loads.

Customer satisfaction and product optimization

Products that produce unwanted vibrations during operation may impact customer satisfaction and lead to complaints. Vibration testing allows engineers to identify such problems early and optimize products to minimize unwanted vibrations.

Compliance with standards and regulations

In many industries there are standards and regulations that regulate the vibration resistance of products. Vibration testing is often required to ensure that products meet these standards and can receive the appropriate certifications.

Error detection and diagnosis

Vibration testing can also be used to detect and diagnose defects or problems in products. Abnormal vibration patterns can indicate defects or poor assembly quality, helping engineers identify and correct problems early.

Visualisation of the vibration of a PCB board using the video-strobecope StrobeCAM Video of vibrating components on a PCB board