Surphaser | 3D Scanner

High precision laser scanner for complex geometries and large volumes.


checkmark   For objects from about 0.5 x 0.5 x 0.5 m³

checkmark   Efficient Digitisation of complex geometries

checkmark   Wire less(Battery and WIFI control)

checkmark   Portable



The Surphaser measures the 3D geometry of objects. Due to its unsurpassed precision the Surphaser is perfectly suited for industrial applicationis like Quality Control and Reverse Engineering.

The Surphaser scans 360° of hier surrounding or user defined areas. A few scans are sufficient for e.g. the complete digitisation of a car body. The scans are referred automatically in a common coordinate system.



  • Unsurpassed precision, data quality and scan speed

  • Very low measurement noise - sub millimeter for all models.

  • Up to 1,2 Millions data points per second

  • Measurement ranges from 0,2m to 250m

  • Digitisation of nearly all surfaces without preparation

  • Can measure in deep cavities and acquire extreme geometries

  • Surface brightness and solor information (option) is measured for every point

  • Robust Dust and water protected housing for the usage in industrial environment or outdoor

  • Lightweight and portable - Fits in cabin luggage (aircraft)

  • Fully automatic referencing of multiple scans (application report)

 Surphaser steam turbine housing


Advantages of the Surphasers against

Triangulations systems (fringe projection, mobile scanner, Photogrammetrie)

  • Large working range

  • No shadowing due to triangulation

  • No surpface preparation necessary

  • Large objects can be scanned very fast

  • Measurement of complec geometries and in deep cavities.


Advantage of the Surphasers against

other terrestric laser scanner
  • Precision optimised

  • Digitisation of areas

  • High scan speed

  • Very low measurement noise --> No addition work for data cleaning



Application examples

  Boeing747, Crashtest-Dummy, Steam engine housing, Deformation measurement, Cultural heritage, Factory hall, Tidal energy turbine, Helicopter, Hundai Elantra, Industry, Car Interior, Porsche Cayenne, UK-Metro, Stone bridge, Comparison Surphaser - Terrestrical scanner
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