LIMtrack-6D | 3D Motion Analysis system with a single camera


checkmark   6 degrees of freedom (3 coordinates + 3 angles)

checkmark   Automatic tracking

checkmark   Automatic 3D camera calibration

checkmark   Integrated application modules and scripting



3D motion analysis system with a single camera and coded markers.

The coded marker provide 6 degrees of freedom (6 DOF) consisting of 3D coordinates (x, y, z) and 3D angles (roll, pitch, yaw).

The marker have a unique binary coding with 32 different IDs for a clear identification.

A holographic pattern provides accurate 3D angle measurements.



  • Automotive safety testing
  • Vehicle Impact Safety Testing
  • Biomechanics
  • Robotics
  • Aerospace and Defense
  • Deformation measurement
  • Mechanical testing, structural testing

limtrack6D wiplash

LIMtrack-6D is easiest to use and accurate. It measures e.g. coordinates, displacements, velocities, accelerations, angles, and generates meaningful visualizations as diagrams and videos.
Application specific analysis modules are based on a integrated powerful scripting and allow the definition of customized calculations and visualizations. Complex analysis processes can be done fully automatic, quickly and reproducable. The application modules can be self-scripted by the user or by LIMESS support.
The LIMtrack-6D software provides

  • Quick and fully automatic camera calibration process
  • Automatic marker tracking
  • Automatic post processing, calculations, visualization
  • Powerful analysis modules for application specific measurements
  • Data export e.g. ASCII, ISO-standard
  • The integrated scripting kernel allows customized analysis


Available hardware & software & service

  • LIMtrack-6D software and 6D marker
  • Application specific post processing modules and development
  • Coded markers in sizes from: 20x20mm to 220x220mm
  • Calibration plates for areas of 20x20mm to 5x5m
  • Cameras, lenses, turnkey image systems
  • Service measurements




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