LIMcrack | crack length & crack growth

RealTime-measurement at fatigue testing


checkmark   Contact less and camera based

checkmark   Integration in a test machine

checkmark   Conform to the International Standard ISO 27727

LIMcrack - Messung von Risslänge und Risswachstum


LIMcrack is a camera-based system for the real-time measurement of the crack length at fatigue testing according to ISO 27727. The system does not require a specimen marking and measures fully automatically the crack length. The measured values are transferred directly to the controller of the testing machine and the crack growth and crack growth rate is recorded over the time.
The system was developped for testing according to ISO 27727 (Rubber, vulcanized - Measurement of fatigue crack growth) tests. But it can also be used flexibly for other tasks. The measurement of the crack length is done with subpixel accuracy.
The crack propagation can be visualized due to the optional image recording.

Technical Specifications:

Camera resolution
12 MPixel
Crack length accuracy
Measurement rate
up to 20Hz
Interface to test machine digital



Integrated camera control
for settings of exposure time, area of interest, etc.
Measured value display
of the crack data
Image acquisition
for the later visualization and analysis
Trigger of the measurement/image acquisition to the maximal load at cyclic the fatigue testing
Temperatur chamber with a window allows also the measurement at variable temperatures.

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