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Non contact, 3D displacement, deformation
and strain measurement in Biomechanics

Join us on September, 22nd, 10:00-11:00 UTC+1
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The measurement and visualization of mechanical properties, interaction and behavior of biomaterials and objects with complex shapes poses great challenges to engineers.
Whether it is soft tissues or complex bone structures under load, the application of tactile sensors is usually a difficult task particularly with respect to attaching the sensors, keeping them in place and in good contact throughout the whole experiment. Besides these application difficulties, the sensor and its application can also influence the material properties under investigation.
In this webinar we will introduce you to an easy-to-apply, non-contact alternative which will solve these issues and visualizes globally and locally, dynamically and to a high precision the shape, displacements, strain, and strain concentrations.
The output from a DIC system is not influenced by the measurement method itself and will provide thousands of measurement points, helping to understand the complex interplay between the physical properties of the object and load, which in turn can be used to deliver experimental data to confirm and optimize computer models.

The webinar will take one hour and at the end of this period you will understand the underlying DIC measurement method and will have been introduced to many different successful applications of DIC in the field of biomaterial and biomechanical research.


checkmark  An overview of successful applications
checkmark  Introduction to Digital Image Correlation technology
checkmark  Follow a complete DIC setup and measurement routine.
checkmark  Applications in detail:
      • Medical device components
      • Orthopaedic implants (e.g. hip, knee)
      • Soft tissues
      • Bones and bone microstructure
      • Dental materials (e.g. jaws, fillings, crowns, implants)
      • Stents (e.g. coronary, vascular, ureteral)
      • Hydrogels
      • 3D printed materials
      • Skin and skin grafts
checkmark Questions and answers


This webinar is primarily intended for engineers and researchers in the field of biomaterials and biomechanics research. A broad range of applications will be reviewed, based on measurements performed by the 3D, full field, high precision Digital Image Correlation (DIC) technique as shown in the images.


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