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MATERIAL TESTING application example

Non-contact strain measurement using DIC on a micro tensile sample

The strain distribution on a micro tensile sample is measured using the Q400 DIC system. The initial sample length is 4mm. The measurement is carried out with macro lenses.
The images show the sample, the strain distribution as a color overlay and the 3D representation with the beginning of necking. The strain localizes at the necking.

The displacement resolution of a DIC system depends linearly on the image field and the camera resolution. Example: With 12MPixel cameras, displacements from 100nm (or 10nm) can be resolved at an image field of 40x30mm (or 4x3mm).

DIC measurements with image fields smaller than 1mm² can be achieved with the Q400-µDIC system (stereo microscope).

This application example shows the ability of the Q400 system to measure the 3D deformation of very small components even with standard makro optics.

DIC measures the strain distribution on a mikro tensile test specimen