• Videoextensometer for Material Testing
  • Videoextensometer for Material Testing

RTSS - Videoextensometer

With the Videoextensometer the longitudinal and transversal strain is measured during material tests (e.g. tension, compression tests). The system can be used for flat and round specimen at field of view (FOV) of 10mm to 1000mm. For rope testing a FOV up to 5m can be realized. Strains from 0.0005% to 1000% can be measured.
RTSS (Real Time Strain Sensor) can be intregated via differnet available interfaces as a strains sensor and can be fully integrated in a tensile test machine. Further offline analysis modules for the determination of strain distributions and crack length (e.g. long term tests) are available.


The Videoextensometer RTSS is perfectly suited for the determination of material properties in tension tests. The specimen's deformation is measured contact less and e.g. Stress-strain curves, E-modulus and Poisson's ratio are determined.
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Advantages of the RTSS videoextensometer

  • Contact less and camera based
  • Strains from 20µm/m up to more than 1000% can be measured
  • Flexible specime size from a few mm to some m
  • Fast setup and easy specimen marking
  • Suitable for all testing machines
  • Can be used on all materials

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Product variants:

RTSS_Cx High resolution videoextensometer for quasi static tests.
Strain resolution up to up to 5µmSimultaneous measurement of different specimen sides.


High speed system videoextensometer for dynamic applications e.g. at hydro pulser or electro mechanical shaker.

Multi camera systems:


Simultaneous measurement of different specimen sides.


Combination of a small and a large field of view → High precision measurement of E-modulus and measurement of the complete Force-Strain-curve.


Stereo Setup: Two cameras at a defined l0 distance measure. Each camera has a small field of view and measures one marker → Highest precision for rigid materials (small strains).


Specifikations \ System RTSS_C1 RTSS_C05 RTSS_C02 RTSS_HS
Precision class (ISO9513)
at 100mm FOV*
1 0,5 0,2 2
Strain resolution 0.002% 0.001% 0.0005% ca. 0,004%
Distance resolution
at 100mm FOV*
1µm 0,5µm 0,2µm 2µm
Measurement rate up to 80Hz up to 80Hz up to 80Hz up to 1000Hz

*FOV=Field of View
When the system is used at a different FOV the precision class can change.
Beside the above listed standard systems we configure solutions for special applications.