LIM-TRACK is a powerful measurement software for the analysis of image sequences of high speed camera, Strobe-CAM and the RTSS - Videoextensometer.

Simple usage:
Due to the modern user interface and the intuitive concept movements can be measured sub pixel accurate with a few mouse clicks. An unlimited number of markers can be set, moved and deleted. A calibration gives coordinates and displacements in mm.

Analysis modules and definable post processing
The integrated analysis modules calculate from the marker coordinates velocities, accelerations, angles, angle changes, rotations, number of revolutions, resonance curves , etc, etc. and generate meaningful visualizations as diagrams and animations. The existing analysis modules are based on powerful Scilab scripting und can be adjusted by the user. The scripting allows furthermore the generation of user definable calculations and visualizations. Complex analysis processes can be done fast, reproducable and without errors. Of course we will be happy to support you with specific implementations.

LIM-TRACK can track, visualize and post process an unlimited number of points resp. markers. From this movements of center of gravities and also relative motions between markers can be measured.


Analysis of a car crash tests with LIM-TRACK:
3 points are tracked. Via analysis module the horizontal and vertical displacements are visualized as diagrams together with the high speed camera movie on which the marker and trajectories are overlayed.


Motion Analysis of a jumping table tennis ball with LIM-TRACK:
Visualized horizontal and vertical displacement of the tracked pattern (ball labelling). The marker and tracjectory is visualized as overlay on the high speed camera image. The image sequence was recorded with a frame rate of 2kHz. The sub pixel accurate tracking works stable also on a rotating pattern.


Determination of number of revolutions:
Tracking of 4 Markers on a PC fan. The visualization of the marker and their trajectories is sitched on an doff in the video. The number of revolutions is meausred from the angle change between two points. This allows to measure a change of the number of revolutions over time.



Marker based measurement
of 2D coordinaten and 2D displacements at unlimited number of points
Result visualization

As diagrams
AVI report with marker overlay and overlay of trajectories

Calibration Scale calibration
Date export Automatic generation of ASCII (CSV/TXT) files with marker coordinates and displacements
Application-Modules Manifold analysis modules for motion analysis, vibratino analysis and many more.
Customer specific analysis modules via powerful scripting.