• Digital Image Correlation for deformation and strain
  • Videoextensometer for material tests
  • Vibration analysis and slow motion recording
  • 3D Scanner Surphaser
  • DIC: Strain distribution at a crack tip
  • DIC: Tensile test of a round steel specimen
  • DIC: Shear strain at a glue connection
  • DIC: Compression of a metal foam
  • DIC: Displacement around a crack
  • DIC: Strain around a crack
  • DIC: Bending of an aircraft wing
  • DIC: 3D deformation of a shear test Surphaser: 360° Scan of a car outside
  • Surphaser: Interior scan of a car
  • Surphaser: Bottom side scans of an aircraft
  • Surphaser: Historic building and detail view
  • Strobe-CAM: Slow Motion of periodic events

LIMESS - Products

NEWS: New StrobeCAM V4.1 is available

The new StrobeCAM Version is available. The user interface of the StrobeCAM-software and the trigger electronics has been completely redesigned by LIMESS:

The user interface has been optimized for a easy and efficient usage. The focus is the large camera image for a detailed visualization of the object. The fully automatic start/stop of the image acquisition at begin/end of the vibration test reduces further the user cost.

The precise camera synchronization is now done by a mikroprocessor controller trigger electronik (PhaseTriggerLS) that can analyse a wide range of input signals (analogue/digital).