Determination of the eigenfrequency of a aluminium plate that is clamped at one side. Excitaion with an impulse sledge.

Figue 1 shows the aluminium plate with about 100mm free length. The excitation is done at the top end.


Figure1:bottom end clamped aluminium plate.

Fpr the horizontal motion measurement of the top edge a RTSS-System (RTSS_HS) with about 1kHz measurement rate is used. Figure 2 shows the temporal evolution of the displacement.

Figure 2: Temporal evolution of the displacement (pixel coordinates).


Figure 3 shows the fourier transformation of the displacement. From this the eigen frequency can me determined.

Eigenfrequency sheet 100Hz
Figure 3: Fourier transformation with given Eigenfrequency (99,3Hz).


This measurement shows, that a RTSS system can be used to measure online fast movements on periodic and non perdiodic events.