[Motion Analysis]

Measurement of marker displacements in (highspeed) videos and for vibration analysis.

Crash Test

LIMtrack is used to measure the 2D displacement of a photogrammetric marker in a Crast-Test-Video.
The velocity and the distance change between the markers can be measured with the integrated analysis modules.

The video shows the horizontal and vertical displacement of the tracked marker together with their trajectory.

Table tennis ball

Motion analysis of a jumping table tennis ball with LIMtrack.The image sequence was recorded with a frame rate of 2kHz. The sub pixel accurate tracking works stable also on a rotating pattern.

The integrated analysis modules allow also to measure e.g. the velocity and acceleration of the ball.

The video shows the horizontal and vertical displacement of the tracked pattern (ball labelling). The marker and trajectory is visualized as overlay on the high speed camera image.

Number of Revolutions

LIMtrack is tracking of 3 Markers on a PC fan. The sequence was recorded by a high speed camera with 8kHz.

The number of revolutions is measured by the LIMtrack integrated analysis modules from the angle change between two points. This allows also to measure a tempral variation of the number of revolutions over time.

The visualization of the marker and their trajectories is switched on and off in the video.

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