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The force and strain ist measured during the defined specimen loading (tension, compression, torsion, bending). From these measures the force-strain-curve and stress-strain-curve are determined and material parameters like Young's Modulus, poisson number, elongation at strain and more complex values are calculated Different measurement systems are used :
The RTSS-Videoextensometer is suited for standardized and automatic test procedures and works as a real time strain sensor..
The Q400-Digital Image Correlation System measures spatially resolved strain values and the analysis is typicylly done in post processing because a large number of informations can be provided.

Q400: Tensile test at CFRP

Measured strain distribution on a CFRP specimen with hole.

The right image shows the strain in the initial failure state of the specimen.

Q400: Zugversuch CFK

Q400: Crack Propagation at CT Specimen

Q400 measures the crack propagation at a CT specimen under tensile load.

The video shows the major strain together with the recorded force.The diagram gives the crack length versus increasing force. The yellow vectors mark the rapid propagation with force reduction.

Q400 CT-Probe Risswachstum

RTSS: Tensile test for the determination of Young's Modulus

The RTSS-Videoextensometer measures the longitudinal strain during tensile test. and transfer the measure to the tensile test machine.
The test software calculates from the time course of the measured force and strain and from the specimen dimensions material parameter like Young's modulus, elongation at break, etc.

The image shows the measures stress-strain curve with the calculated Young's modulus.

RTSS E-Modul

Q400: Bending test

Two polymer plates are glued together and loaded in a 3 point bending test. The surface strain is measured with the Q400 DIC system

The images show the horizontal surface strain and the strain along the vertical line 1. The left image gives compression strain (blue) and tension strain (red) as a gradient over the whole specimen. After the failure of the glue the strain distribution is separated for each plate.

Q400 Biegeversuch - verklebt Q400 Biegeversuch - Klebung versagt

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