Turbine housing with Surphaser

360° digitisation of the housing half of a low pressure steam engine (Siemens AG / Muehlheim) with the terrestric Laserscanner Surphaser model 100HSX-SR.

For the proof of dimensional stability against the CAD model it is necessary to scan the inside as complete as possible and to scan the outside at relevant areas. A sufficient coverage is achieved with a total of 7 scans: One front scan (Figure 1, pos. 3), two scans from underneath and 4 horizontal scans at the corner positions (pos. 4-7).

Overvies scan positions
Figure 1: The top view shows the 7 scan positions. The positions 1-3 are from underneath to scan the internal surface.

Digitisation of a steam turbine housing with the SurphaserFigure 2: Housing half with Surphaser underneath (at scan position 1 of 7). 

Contrast targets are distributed in the scan volume for the referenzing of the scans against each other. Figure 3 (animation) shows the outside scan images with the automatically extracted target positions.

Turbine housing with referencong targetsFigure 3: Scan data image with referencing targets. (Open animation).

 Figure 4 shows an animation of the combined point cloud after the automatic referencing.

Complete point cloud of the turbine housing
Figure 4: Animation of the merged point cloud. (Visualized are only 10% of the data set)


• Scanner
• Number of scans:
• Scan time:
• Objekt size
• 3D points:
• point density:
• Referen cing accuracy:
• Post processing:

Surphaser HSX100-SR
2 hours
90 millions
0.1mm RMS
15 minutes calculation time for the fully automatic referencing.

Courtesy of Siemens AG / Muehlheim.