• Digital Image Correlation for deformation and strain
  • Videoextensometer for material tests
  • Vibration analysis and slow motion recording
  • 3D Scanner Surphaser
  • DIC: Strain distribution at a crack tip
  • DIC: Tensile test of a round steel specimen
  • DIC: Shear strain at a glue connection
  • DIC: Compression of a metal foam
  • DIC: Displacement around a crack
  • DIC: Strain around a crack
  • DIC: Bending of an aircraft wing
  • DIC: 3D deformation of a shear test Surphaser: 360° Scan of a car outside
  • Surphaser: Interior scan of a car
  • Surphaser: Bottom side scans of an aircraft
  • Surphaser: Historic building and detail view
  • Strobe-CAM: Slow Motion of periodic events


Our measurement systems are used in the fields of aerospace, academics, automotive, biology, chemistry, electronics, energy, medicine, material research, tooling and many more.

Digital Image Correlation

... for the full field measurement of deformation, strain and shape.

Material testing

... for the determination of material properties.

Material testing and component testing

... is used to determine material properties for component testing and validation/improvement of FEM models.

Motion analysis

Motions are measured locally (with markers) or full field as well as in-plane or three dimensional.

Vibration analysis

Zur Visualisierung oder quantitativen Vibrationsanalyse bei periodischen Vorgängen


3D Digitisation ob components, objects, structures